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“Think about science fiction; they say that any sufficiently advanced technology should be indistinguishable from magic.”


It might not quite be magic, but effective process discovery can make a dramatic difference for many businesses. Join Dr. Gero Decker and Pankaj Chowdhry (founders and CEOs of Signavio and FortressIQ respectively) in conversation about the challenges of collecting accurate data on how work is actually done, why customer behavior has changed forever thanks to the pandemic, and what we need to do to prevent Skynet from taking over.

About the Speaker

Pankaj Chowdhry is the founder and CEO of FortressIQ. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and his vision for helping companies use it to improve the human experience. Since 2017 he and his team have worked to build a complete platform for the Global 2000, helping them strategically manage AI and automation in a scalable way. FortressIQ’s mission is to help the new “digital workforce” thrive and integrate with its greatest asset – its people. Before founding FortressIQ, he was the CEO of ThirdPillar systems, where he designed and delivered lending platforms for commercial banks, processing billions of dollars in transactions. ThirdPillar was acquired by Genpact, the world’s largest BPO company, where Pankaj went on to hold several senior management positions, culminating as a founding member of the company’s AI lab in Palo Alto, California.


Gero Decker is the co-founder and CEO of Berlin-based Signavio, which offers a business transformation suite for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing business processes. Gero holds a PhD in Business Process Management and co-authored the book “The Process”. Along with 3 colleagues at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam, he developed the first prototype of the Signavio Process Editor as part of a research project and founded the company in 2009. Gero is responsible for Signavio’s product innovation, specializing in collaborative process design and building a BPM solution for all user abilities, from beginner to expert.


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Mark Jeffries
Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker turned author and Keynote Speaker, Mark Jeffries, has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Mark has spoken in front of more than 100,000 event delegates, published two books, appeared on Network TV numerous times and has launched an innovative e-learning course, “The Art of Business Influence - Selling without Selling.”