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“There is a fundamental link between customer and employee experience…too often we focus on customers first and then can’t go any further without enhancing the way employees get work done”


Long before sweatpants on video calls and curious cats as meeting focal points, Citrix was helping employees deliver great work from anywhere in the world. The pandemic has naturally made their services even more vital and gives Executive Vice President, Business Strategy Tim Minahan a unique perspective on the last two years, plus what lies ahead. Listen in as Tim discusses COVID-19 as change catalyst, the compounding “human” supply chain crisis and why employee experience cannot be deprioritized in search of the perfect CX.

About the Speaker

Tim Minahan is the Executive Vice President, Business Strategy for Citrix. Over 400,000 companies use Citrix digital workspace solutions to provide their employees simple, secure, and reliable access to the resources they need to get work done, wherever it needs to get done. In his role, Tim is responsible for driving the company’s overall business strategy. He joined Citrix in 2015, bringing with him over 20 years of executive leadership experience. Prior to Citrix, Tim was the Chief Marketing Officer for the SAP Cloud line of business and before that, he served in multiple Chief Marketing and Senior Vice President roles at other software and technology firms such as Ariba and Procuri.

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Mark Jeffries
Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker turned author and Keynote Speaker, Mark Jeffries, has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Mark has spoken in front of more than 100,000 event delegates, published two books, appeared on Network TV numerous times and has launched an innovative e-learning course, “The Art of Business Influence - Selling without Selling.”